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Lane Neill

Lane Neill SS/RHP

  • Belgrade, MT
  • Belgrade High School
  • Travel Team: Belgrade Bandits
  • Grad 2021
  • Ht 5'10''
  • Wt 165 lbs
  • Throws Right
  • Bats Right
  • Arm 83 mph
  • 60 Yd 7.48 Sec
  • Class
See our Tool Grade Scale


  • 1.81sec10 Yds
  • 5.06sec40 Yds
  • 7.48sec60 Yds
  • 5.00secH > 1B (RHH)
  • 4.62secShuttle (L)
  • 4.57secShuttle (R)


  • 7'8''Broad Jump
  • 5'8''Lateral Jump (L)
  • 5'10''Lateral Jump (R)
  • 120psiGrip (L)
  • 118psiGrip (R)


  • 83 mphmphVelocity
  • 50Arm Grade

Position - SS

  • 50Fielding Grade


  • 50Hitting Grade (R)
  • 50Power Grade (R)
  • 84 mphmphExit Velocity


  • Arm Angle
  • 45Arm Action Grade
  • 45Control Grade
  • 45Delivery Grade
  • 72 – 76mphFASTBALL
  •  FB Grade
  • 61 – 64mphCURVEBALL
  • 42 CB Grade
  • 67 – 68mphCHANGEUP
  • 48 CH Grade


Official Scouting Report

  • Class Rating
  • SSPosition Projection

10/02/2019 - Arizona Junior Fall Classic Lane is a coachable SS prospect who worked hard on his skills during the Arizona Fall Classic. In the field, Lane shows smooth footwork and is agile moving to the ball. He gets into an athletic position and fields the ball out in front with sure hands. He makes a clean exchange and keeps his throws accurate to his target. At the plate, this RHH sets up in an athletic stance and takes a short stride. He takes a compact swing and hits against a strong front side, leading to solid contact. Overall, Lane is a solid prospect who has the potential to further develop his skills on the field.

04/07/2019 - College PREP - Billings, MT Lane continues to show improvements in his baseball abilities and has a promising future on the diamond. He did hos on the mound for the first time at the event. Foot speed has improved as he ran his best 60 time to date. At SS, defensive abilities are outstanding as he displays smooth / fluid actions. Feet are active as he attacks balls and plays through with his body. Glove action is soft / sure and presents well out front. Range will increase as he improves foot quickness. He gets rid of the baseball quickly with accuracy and on line zip across the diamond. At the plate, hitting / power potential have improved through a squared setup. Hands are quick and work through an aggressive swing path. He shows a feel for the barrel and stays inside the ball through a solid line drive approach. On the mound, delivery is sound / repeatable allowing his arm action to work free to the plate. Fastball showed a range of 72-76 mph with tailing action. Breaking ball displays 11/5 shape with gradual break. He maintains arm speed on his changeup and shows a feel for pitch with arm side run. He throws a knuckleball that has good downward action. Control is solid as he throws strikes with all his pitches. Stock on the mound will continue to improve as he builds more arm strength through a long toss program.

01/18/2019 - 2019 Under Armour All-America Pre-Season Tournament Lane continues to show a promising future on the diamond. At SS, feet are active, working from the ground-up with smooth actions. Transfer is quick as he fires strong throws zipping (80 mph velocity) across the diamond. At the plate, he has strong/centered balance with fluid rhythm to load. He works to stay inside the ball, utilizing all fields through a line drive approach. A projectable SS, Lane has lot of potential and will get looks from the collegiate coaches as he continues to progress his game.

06/16/2018 - Omaha National World Series - Session 1 (Ages 14-18) Lane is an athletic built shortstop prospect who has a well-rounded skill set. In the field, Lane plays with effective footwork and shows range in each direction laterally. He presents his glove and fields the ball in an athletic, square position. Lane has a clean exchange leading into a short arm action throwing from a high 3/4 arm slot. He plays through the ball with good momentum towards his target showing a quick release. Lane show strong, accurate throws across the diamond. Offensively, Lane has a square stance with a centered balance. He has a good load with a short, square stride as he partially uses his lower half throughout his swing. Lane has a short, direct swing path and is developing bat speed. He maintains a level barrel producing consistent contact. Lane is a line drive type hitter who can get even better. Overall, Lane has skill on both sides of the ball giving him a bright future on the diamond.

04/08/2018 - Interactive Video Program - Billings, MT Lane is a scrappy SS with an athletic frame. Defensively, Lane presents his glove well, feet are active, and he moves well to the ball. He fields in a square position, his exchange is clean, and he can throw from multiple arm slots with accuracy to his target. Offensively, Lane has a square set-up, a short stride, and good balance. He has fast bat speed, a direct barrel to the ball, and he makes hard/consistent contact. Lane can improve with work on the following.

1. Play more through
2. Long toss
1. Rhythm
2. Stride


Lane Neill Belgrade, MT 800-641-4487 @baseballfactory
Primary Position SS
Grad Year 2021 Secondary Position RHP
High School Belgrade High School Bats Right
Height 5'10'' Throws Right
Weight 165 LBS Arm 83 mph
60 YD 7.48

The chart below shows the levels of college baseball, along with the range of players with potential to be recruited at that level.

Division I Class 1 – 4
Division II Class 1 – 5
Division III Class 1 – 8
NAIA Class 1 – 6
JUCO Class 1 – 8

Tool Grade Scale

Our main goals with the BF "10-70" Scouting Scale are to provide the player with a realistic evaluation of his "PRESENT" abilities (what he can do today), and to provide college coaches with information they can use to identify and/or compare potential recruits.

Tools are graded for all players and pitchers, regardless of age or graduation year. However, for High School players we use only grades 20-70 (grades 10-18 do not apply), while for Middle School players we use only grades 10-52 (grades 55-70 do not apply).

GradeMiddle School (Ages 11-13) DescriptionHigh School (Ages 14-18) Description10 Yard Dash (seconds)40 Yard Dash (seconds)60 Yard Dash (seconds)Home-1B LHH (seconds)Home-1B RHH (seconds)5-10-5Shuttle [LEFT] (seconds)5-10-5Shuttle [RIGHT] (seconds)Broad Jump (inches)Lateral Broad [LEFT] (inches)Lateral Broad [RIGHT] (inches)Grip Strength [LEFT] (psi)Grip Strength [RIGHT] (psi)FB & Raw Velocity (mph)Bat Exit Velocity (mph)Catcher Release (seconds)
12Well Below Avg-----N/A-----2.407.4010.006.406.506.606.60403838353542353.50
15 -----N/A-----2.357.309.756.106.206.406.40454242404045383.25
18Below Avg-----N/A-----2.307.209.506.
20 Poor2.
22Near Avg 2.156.509.005.805.905.855.85605454555554503.00
25 Well Below Avg2.106.258.755.705.805.755.75645858606058552.90
28MS Average
30 Below Avg2.005.958.255.405.505.255.25746464707063622.70
32Solid Avg 1.955.808.005.205.305.105.10786868808067652.60
35 Near Avg1.905.657.754.905.005.005.00827272909071702.50
38Above Avg 1.885.457.504.804.904.954.9586747410010075752.40
40 HS Average1.855.257.404.704.804.904.9093767611011279802.25
42Well Above Avg 1.825.207.304.604.704.804.8098808011511581822.15
45 Solid Avg1.805.187.204.504.604.704.70103848411811883842.10
48Excellent 1.785.167.104.454.554.604.60108888812012085862.05
50 Above Avg1.765.147.054.404.504.504.50113929212512586882.00
52Outstanding 1.745.127.004.354.454.404.40118969612812887901.98
55-----N/A-----Well Above Avg1.725.106.954.304.404.304.3012310010013013088921.95
58-----N/A----- 1.705.056.904.254.354.254.2512810410413513589941.93
62-----N/A----- 1.664.956.804.
68-----N/A----- 1.624.856.604.
Please Note: We only use information gathered at Baseball Factory and Team One events and/or by Baseball Factory and Team One staff on our scouting reports. This allows us to maintain the integrity of our reports by publishing only what we see.

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