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Matthew Richert

Matthew Richert RHP/3B

  • Oak Park, IL
  • Percy Julian Middle School
  • Grad 2024
  • Ht 6'00''
  • Wt 120 lbs
  • Throws Right
  • Bats Right
  • Arm 59 mph
  • 60 Yd 8.92 Sec
  • Class
See our Tool Grade Scale


  • 2.09sec10 Yds
  • 6.41sec40 Yds
  • 8.92sec60 Yds
  • 5.80secH > 1B (RHH)
  • 5.81secShuttle (L)
  • 5.93secShuttle (R)


  • 5'9''Broad Jump
  • 6'0''Lateral Jump (L)
  • 5'2''Lateral Jump (R)
  • 57psiGrip (L)
  • 66psiGrip (R)


  • 59 mphmphVelocity
  • 32Arm Grade

Position - 3B

  • 30Fielding Grade


  • 30Hitting Grade (R)
  • 32Power Grade (R)
  • 62 mphmphExit Velocity


  • High 3/4Arm Angle
  • 25Arm Action Grade
  • 30Control Grade
  • 25Delivery Grade
  • 54 – 59mphFASTBALL
  •  FB Grade
  • 51 – 52mphCURVEBALL
  • 25 CB Grade
  • 50 – 54mphCHANGEUP
  • 25 CH Grade


Official Scouting Report

  • Class Rating
  • 3B/RHPPosition Projection

07/16/2019 - Baseball Factory National World Series at Pirate City - Session 1 (Ages 12-14) Matthew is a young 2024 3B/RHP. At 3B Matthew gets to a good fielding position squaring up the ball. His exchanges are clean and works hard to make good throws around the diamond. Working on gaining ground towards his target will help improve Matthew's throws. At the plate, Matthew sets up square with high hands and a small, simple load. He shows a smooth swing with consistent contact and rotates his core with a spray approach. Working on being more explosive get give Matthew more power at the plate. Matthew shows a 3-pitch mix on the bump with a FB, CB, CH. He keeps his head over his back foot with a relaxed knee lift and separates his hands on time. His stride is in line and rotates to finish towards his target. Matthew is a tall lean kid that as he grows and matures his game will improve.

06/02/2019 - Interactive Video Program - River Forest (Chicago), IL Matthew is a tall, lean, 2-way player who plays 3B and RHP. Defensively, Matthew has good pre-pitch actions, he gives solid effort to the ball, and he sticks it well. He keeps it in front of his body, his exchange is clean, and he throws with a short arm action with momentum across the diamond. On the hill, Matthew has good balance over the rubber, he separates on time, and has good direction toward the plate. Offensively, Matthew has a tall/square set-up, a still head, and good hand separation. He makes contact and works the middle of the field. Matthew can improve overall skills with work on the following.

1. Play lower
2. Hands
3. Range
2. Loosen AA
2. Landing
3. Finish
1. Lower body
2. Rhythm
3. Barrel accuracy


Matthew Richert Oak Park, IL 800-641-4487 @baseballfactory
Primary Position RHP
Grad Year 2024 Secondary Position 3B
High School Percy Julian Middle School Bats Right
Height 6'00'' Throws Right
Weight 120 LBS Arm 59 mph
60 YD 8.92

The chart below shows the levels of college baseball, along with the range of players with potential to be recruited at that level.

Division I Class 1 – 4
Division II Class 1 – 5
Division III Class 1 – 8
NAIA Class 1 – 6
JUCO Class 1 – 8

Tool Grade Scale

Our main goals with the BF "10-70" Scouting Scale are to provide the player with a realistic evaluation of his "PRESENT" abilities (what he can do today), and to provide college coaches with information they can use to identify and/or compare potential recruits.

Tools are graded for all players and pitchers, regardless of age or graduation year. However, for High School players we use only grades 20-70 (grades 10-18 do not apply), while for Middle School players we use only grades 10-52 (grades 55-70 do not apply).

GradeMiddle School (Ages 11-13) DescriptionHigh School (Ages 14-18) Description10 Yard Dash (seconds)40 Yard Dash (seconds)60 Yard Dash (seconds)Home-1B LHH (seconds)Home-1B RHH (seconds)5-10-5Shuttle [LEFT] (seconds)5-10-5Shuttle [RIGHT] (seconds)Broad Jump (inches)Lateral Broad [LEFT] (inches)Lateral Broad [RIGHT] (inches)Grip Strength [LEFT] (psi)Grip Strength [RIGHT] (psi)FB & Raw Velocity (mph)Bat Exit Velocity (mph)Catcher Release (seconds)
12Well Below Avg-----N/A-----2.407.4010.006.406.506.606.60403838353542353.50
15 -----N/A-----2.357.309.756.106.206.406.40454242404045383.25
18Below Avg-----N/A-----2.307.209.506.
20 Poor2.
22Near Avg 2.156.509.005.805.905.855.85605454555554503.00
25 Well Below Avg2.106.258.755.705.805.755.75645858606058552.90
28MS Average
30 Below Avg2.005.958.255.405.505.255.25746464707063622.70
32Solid Avg 1.955.808.005.205.305.105.10786868808067652.60
35 Near Avg1.905.657.754.905.005.005.00827272909071702.50
38Above Avg 1.885.457.504.804.904.954.9586747410010075752.40
40 HS Average1.855.257.404.704.804.904.9093767611011279802.25
42Well Above Avg 1.825.207.304.604.704.804.8098808011511581822.15
45 Solid Avg1.805.187.204.504.604.704.70103848411811883842.10
48Excellent 1.785.167.104.454.554.604.60108888812012085862.05
50 Above Avg1.765.147.054.404.504.504.50113929212512586882.00
52Outstanding 1.745.127.004.354.454.404.40118969612812887901.98
55-----N/A-----Well Above Avg1.725.106.954.304.404.304.3012310010013013088921.95
58-----N/A----- 1.705.056.904.254.354.254.2512810410413513589941.93
62-----N/A----- 1.664.956.804.
68-----N/A----- 1.624.856.604.
Please Note: We only use information gathered at Baseball Factory and Team One events and/or by Baseball Factory and Team One staff on our scouting reports. This allows us to maintain the integrity of our reports by publishing only what we see.

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