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Maximillian Kloberdanz

Maximillian Kloberdanz LHP/OF

  • San Antonio, TX
  • Smithson Valley
  • Travel Team: San Antonio Kings
  • Grad 2019
  • Ht 6'0
  • Wt 150 lbs
  • Throws Left
  • Bats Switch
  • Arm 76 mph
  • 60 Yd 7.15 Sec
  • Class
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  • 4.0230 Yds
  • 7.1560 Yds
  • 4.56 LH4.75 RH

    Home > 1B
  • 4.75Shuttle
  • 7'10''Broad Jump


  • 76 mphVelocity
  • 42Arm Strength


  • 45Fielding


  • 40Control
  • 40Delivery
  • High 3/4Arm Angle
  • 40Arm Action
  • Fastball 74 – 76

Hitting RH / LH

  • 42Hitting
  • 42Power
  • 80 mphExit Velo
  • 103.00Grip
  • 42Hitting
  • 40Power
  • 80 mphExit Velo
  • 110.00Grip

Official Scouting Report

  • Class Rating
  • LHPPosition Projection

05/22/2016 - National Tryout Plus - San Antonio, TX Max continues to progress on the diamond. On the mound, this crafty lefty works the ball in and out and throws strikes. He commands his FB well as it has run and sink. He keeps it down in the zone which will result in GB outs. Curveball has 1/7 shape with sweeping action. More lower 1/2 drive off of the rubber will help to get more into his FB. In the OF, Max has active footwork and tracks down fly-balls to his right and left. He secures the ball with 2-hands, gathers well and makes accurate throws into his target. At the plate, he has a balanced setup with rhythm to load. He squares the ball up and hits line-drives. More extension through contact will help to increase power at the plate. Only a 2019 grad - Max is a skilled prospect who has a bright future ahead of him in the game.

01/16/2015 - Baseball Factory Spring Training in Arizona (Ages 12-14) Max is a young two-way player as a LHP/OF. He continues to show great adjustments as a ballplayer both in the field and at the plate. Bryce shows a great arm both on the mound and also in the outfield, giving him the ability to be a power pitcher from the left side. On the mound Max also shows the ability to use his lower half in the delivery, and is able to get out over his front side during the delivery. Max is also able to pound the bottom of the strike zone, making it difficult for the hitters to barrel anything. In the outfield Max shows good instincts by taking a good first step to the baseball, allowing him to cover the ground needed to track baseballs. He also is able to play downhill toward the target and displays a strong arm, allowing him to control the running game from the outfield. At the plate Max shows a quiet and balanced contact approach, and is able to work the middle of the field. This gives him the ability to be a top of the order guy, that is able to be a strong situational hitter.

12/07/2014 - National Tryout - McCook (Chicago), IL Max has worked hard and made great strides in his game. On the mound, he works to a controlled balance point and maintains level shoulders. He gets good glove side lead and pulls in-line toward the dish. FB now ranges from 67-69 mph while showing run. He pounds the zone and throws strikes. Breaking ball has 1/7 shape and compliments his FB well. Developing more extension on his finish will help to improve effectiveness on all pitches. In the OF, Max takes a quick first step with solid routes/angles to fly-balls hit to his right and left. He secures the ball, gathers well, and has a clean exchange to throw. With the bat, this switch hitter currently shows more natural from the right side. He has an aggressive approach and is looking to swing it right when he steps into the box. More lower 1/2 drive will help him to tap into his full power potential. Max (only 2019 grad) has skills and will only continue to progress.

07/31/2013 - Baseball Factory Pro Select Training at Vero Beach (Ages 12-14) Maximillian is a 1st baseman who also pitches. In the infield, he has firm hands, active feet, and works hard on his picks around the bag. At the plate, he is a solid switch hitter with an athletic setup. He has a good load, takes a short stride, and squares up the baseball on a consistent basis. He has good balance and average bat speed for his age. On the mound, he throws from a 3/4 slot and throws strikes with both his fastball and curve. He has a smooth delivery and sets a good tempo on the mound. He should have success in the infield or on the mound as he gets older.


Maximillian Kloberdanz San Antonio, TX 800-641-4487 @baseballfactory
Primary Position LHP
Grad Year 2019 Secondary Position OF
High School Smithson Valley Bats Switch
Height 6'0 Throws Left
Weight 150 LBS Arm 76 mph
60 YD 7.15

The chart below shows the levels of college baseball, along with the range of players with potential to be recruited at that level.

Division I Class 1 – 4
Division II Class 1 – 5
Division III Class 1 – 8
NAIA Class 1 – 6
JUCO Class 1 – 8

Tool Grade Scale

Our main goals with the BF "10-70" Scouting Scale are to provide the player with a realistic evaluation of his "present" abilities (tools), and to provide college coaches with information they can use to identify and/or compare potential recruits.

Tools are graded for all players and pitchers, regardless of age or graduation year, using the scale below. However, grades 10-18 are not available for use with High School players (ages 14-18), while grades 55-70 are not available for use with Pre High School players (ages 12-14). These instances are marked as "--- N/A ---" in the "Description" fields below.

Description Pre High School (Ages 12-14)Description High School (Ages 15-18)
60 Yds (seconds)

30 Yds (seconds)
Home-1B LHH (seconds)Home -1B RHH (seconds)5-10-5Shuttle (seconds)Broad Jump (inches)Grip Strength (psi)FB & Raw Velocity (mph)Bat Exit Velocity (mph)Catcher Release (seconds)
10Poor----- N/A -----10.50 +7.00 +7.00 +7.10 +6.80 -51.0 -45 -42 -40 -3.75 +
12Well Below Avg----- N/A -----10.006.506.756.856.6054.05045433.50
15----- N/A -----9.756.006.506.606.4057.05548463.25
18Below Avg----- N/A -----9.505.756.256.356.2060.06051493.00
22Near Avg9.005.255.805.905.8066.07057552.80
25Well Below Avg8.754.905.605.705.6069.07560582.70
30Below Avg8.254.605.205.305.2575.08566642.55
32Solid Avg8.004.505.005.105.1078.09069672.50
35Near Avg7.754.404.905.005.0081.09572702.45
38Above Avg7.504.304.804.904.9084.010075732.40
42Well Above Avg7.304.104.604.704.7091.011080772.25
45Solid Avg7.204.004.504.604.6095.011582792.20
50Above Avg7.053.904.404.504.40103.012585832.10
55----- N/A -----Well Above Avg6.953.804.304.404.30111.013587872.00
58----- N/A -----6.903.754.254.354.25115.014088891.95
60----- N/A -----Excellent6.853.704.204.304.20119.014590911.90
62----- N/A -----6.803.654.154.254.15123.015091931.85
65----- N/A -----Outstanding6.703.604.104.204.10127.015593951.80
68----- N/A -----6.603.554.054.154.05131.016094971.75
70----- N/A -----Superior6.50 -3.50 -4.00 -4.10 -4.00 -135.0 +165 +95 +99 +1.70 -
Please Note: We only use information gathered at Baseball Factory and Team One events and/or by Baseball Factory and Team One staff on our scouting reports. This allows us to maintain the integrity of our reports by publishing only what we see.

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