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Andrew Hennessy

Andrew Hennessy SS/OF

  • Woodinville, WA
  • Woodinville High School
  • Travel Team: Washington Awards
  • Grad 2025
  • Ht 5'10''
  • Wt 160 lbs
  • Throws Right
  • Bats Right
  • Arm 90 mph
  • 60 YD 7.27 Sec
  • Class 4


  • 1.71 sec 10 Yds
  • 4.25 sec 40 Yds
  • 7.27 sec 60 Yds
  • 4.62 sec H > 1B (RHH)
  • 4.38 sec Shuttle (L)
  • 4.48 sec Shuttle (R)


  • 8'0'' Broad Jump
  • 117 psi Grip (L)
  • 126 psi Grip (R)


  • 90 mph mph Velocity
  • 58 Arm Grade

Position - SS

  • 55 Fielding Grade

Position - OF

  • 55 Fielding Grade


  • 50 Hitting Grade (R)
  • 50 Power Grade (R)
  • 89 mph mph Exit Velocity

Official Scouting Report

  • 4Class Rating
  • SS/OFPosition Projection

01/27/2024 - National Showcase - Bothell (Seattle), WA Andrew is a 2025 SS/OF prospect with an athletic frame at 5'10" 160 pounds. In the OF, he does a nice job of getting in a ready position which allows him to get great reads/jumps on the baseball. He has agile range to all angles and does a great job of getting a clean drop-step on balls hit behind him. He gets in an athletic fielding position and shows off a solid glove lane and fields with firm hands out in front. He does a great job of staying behind the baseball. He has a quick exchange and shows off a plus arm that makes accurate throws with carry to his targets. He recorded an impressive raw velo of 88 MPH. At short, he displays solid footwork and he does a nice job of covering ground to all angles. He gets in an athletic fielding position and funnels to the middle. He fields with firm hands and shows off a smooth backhand. He has a quick exchange and is able to make accurate throws from multiple arm slots. He does a nice job of following his flips on double play balls. At the plate, he starts in a squared stance and has a short stride with a good load. He keeps his balance centered through contact and has a firm frontside with his lower half. His hips explode through contact and he does a nice job of finishing through contact. He flashes fast bat speed and makes hard, line drive contact while also flashing some pop to the pull side. Andrew is an exciting prospect that should continue to develop nicely with a year plus left of high school!

10/18/2023 - Arizona Easton Fall Classic Andrew is an athletic 2B/RHP in the 2025 class. In the field, he has a next level arm (90 velo) and is accurate to his targets. He shows a relaxed feel and his feet work well with his body. Gains a low and athletic fielding position and his hands work out in front with a sure feel. On the mound, he displays excellent poise and can put hitters away. He has repeatable actions and working to maintain his eyes to the target will assist in staying directional and allow for a higher off-speed strike percentage. His FB was in the zone at 77-83 with sink. His CB shaped 11-5 and is a developing pitch. His CH ranged 74-6 and had FB arm speed. At the plate, he makes loud contact (89 exit velo). He swings with great intent and can hit from gap to gap. Had a great weekend with 4 hits including a game winner in 9 appearances. Overall, Andrew really impressed scouts with his progress and feel he is on the right path with his game.

08/07/2023 - National Showcase - Redmond, WA Andrew continues to show as a prospect with his baseball abilities on the diamond. At SS, defensive abilities are outstanding as he shows smooth / fluid actions. He displays proper footwork in attacking and playing through ground balls well. Hands are clean and presents out front. Range will increase as he improves foot quickness. Throws are accurate with carry (86 mph exit velocity) to his target. At the plate, hitting / power potential are outstanding through a closed setup. Hands are quick and work through an aggressive swing path. He stays inside the ball, utilizing all fields through a line drive approach. Lower half works well through the swing with an aggressive hip turn. On the mound, arm strength has improved as he threw his top velocity to date at 80 mph with arm side run. Control is solid as he throws strikes with all his pitches. Getting on a long toss program to develop more arm strength will aid in improving abilities on the mound.

06/19/2023 - Omaha National World Series - Session 2 Andrew continues to show as a prospect on the diamond. At SS, defensive abilities are outstanding as he displays clean / smooth actions. Feet are active as he displays proper footwork as he works to square ground balls and plays through with his body. Glove action is clean and presents well out front. Throws are accurate with carry (86 mph velocity) across the diamond. At the plate, he shows an open setup. Hands are quick and work through a level swing path. He stays inside the ball, utilizing all fields through a line drive approach. Power will increase as he utilizes his lower half more efficiently. On the mound, fastball showed a range 75-77 mph. Stock on the mound will continue to rise as he builds more arm strength through a long toss program. Mental makeup is a plus as he has a positive attitude, works hard, and is very coachable.

04/16/2023 - National Showcase - Seattle, WA Andrew is a 2025 RHP/SS prospect from Woodinville, WA. At short, he shows off active feet and does a nice job of getting in a ready position pre-pitch. He shows off agile range to all angles and does a nice job of fielding the ball out in front in a low, athletic position. His backhand is improved and his flips are smooth and he does a nice job of following them on double plays. He has a quick exchange and shows off an impressive arm that is capable of throwing from multiple slots with a max raw velo of 86 MPH. He makes accurate throws with a quick release. At the plate, he starts in a squared stance and gets a good load. His balance is centered throughout his swing and he does a nice job of rotating his hips through finish. He throws the knob of his bat to the catcher and makes consistent line drive contact to all fields. On the mound, he throws from a 3/4 arm angle and has a very clean setup. He does a nice job of staying balanced over the rubber with his nose over his toes and he stays squared to the plate on delivery. His hips rotate well to his target and his finish is smooth. He ran his FB up to 79 with tail and showed off good FB arm speed on his CH. Andrew is an exciting prospect that should see major strides in development over the next 2+ years of high school!

01/22/2023 - National Showcase - Bothell (Seattle), WA Andrew is a talented SS/RHP in the 2025 class. In the field, he show great actions and feel for the position. Hands and feet are in sync and shows flexibility by staying under the baseball. He has a quick exchange and his ball has life (85 velo) and accuracy across the diamond. Shows solid range and his feeds and turns are next level. On the mound, he has a compact motion and shows command. His FB touched 78 with sink. His CB sat 62-3 with 11-5 shape and medium break. His CH sat 68-70 with deception. At the plate he demonstrates pull side pop (81 exit velo) from a squared stance. His stride is short and gains a positive load position. Is balanced from start to finish and when he lets the ball travel, he uses the whole field. Overall, Andrew plays above grade level and is a must follow in the 2025 class.

01/13/2023 - 2023 Baseball Factory Pre-Season All-America Tournament Andrew is a gifted SS in the 2025 class. Scouts loved his actions in the field and at the plate recently. In the field, his athletic ability is outstanding. Has advanced feel for the position and is graceful. Hands and feet are in sync and can use multiple arm angles based upon his zone. Arm plays at 84 and his feeds are accurate. At the plate, he has simple mechanics, and his eyes stay quiet. Likes to use the middle of the field with a direct barrel path. Provides juice at 84 exit velo and with added time in the weight room, Andrew can become a force. Scouts cant wait to see him at a future event to witness his talents continue to develop.

10/26/2022 - Baseball Factory Best of The West - Upperclass Andrew is an athletic 2025 SS/RHP who showcased his ability at the Best of the West Tournament. At SS, he showed athletic actions with quick feet and good body control at baseball. Closes distance on batted balls and has a low funnel. Made accurate throws from a 3/4 arm slot, with good carry, and an arm velocity up to 82mph. At the plate, he hits from a tall and narrow stance with loose hands. A short/square glide step with good hand separation and swing is fluid. Has a good approach at the plate and only swings at his pitch. He hit balls consistently to the opposite field with a bat exit velocity up to 80mph during BP. At the event, he made consistent contact and reached base multiple times. On the mound, he has a good mound presence and has a good feel for pitching. Has a simple delivery and has an over-the-top arm slot. He separates his hands on-time, with a loose/quick arm stroke, and rotates to his target. He attacks hitters with a FB that topped out at 78mph with plus command, and a 12/6 shaped breaking ball that flashes good depth. In 2 innings of work, he punched out 3 hitters. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Andrew as he enters his sophomore baseball season.

08/13/2022 - Official College Recruiting Membership - Spokane, WA Andrew is an athletic, 2-way player who plays SS and RHP. Defensively, Andrew has quick feet, agile range, and he fields smoothly. He has good pre-pitch actions, hands are firm, and he throws with a quick/accurate arm across the diamond. Playing more through the ball will help abilities at SS get better. On the mound, Andrew has good balance and a clean arm circle. He separates his hands on time, gets good extension on his pitches, and finishes in a complete position. Continuing to add velocity and sharpening off-speed will help mound effectiveness improve. At the plate, Andrew has an open stance, he loads well, and stands in with solid balance. He has fast bat speed, he makes hard/consistent contact, and he uses his lower body well. Solid hitting can get better with a shorter swing and work on timing.


Andrew Hennessy Woodinville, WA 800-641-4487 @baseballfactory
Primary Position SS
Grad Year 2025 Secondary Position OF
High School Woodinville High School Bats Right
Height 5'10'' Throws Right
Weight 160 LBS Arm 90 mph
60 YD 7.27

The chart below shows the levels of college baseball, along with the range of players with potential to be recruited at that level.

Division I Class 1 – 4
Division II Class 1 – 5
Division III Class 1 – 8
NAIA Class 1 – 6
JUCO Class 1 – 8

Tool Grade Scale

Our main goals with the BF "10-70" Scouting Scale are to provide the player with a realistic evaluation of his "PRESENT" abilities (what he can do today), and to provide college coaches with information they can use to identify and/or compare potential recruits.

Tools are graded for all players and pitchers, regardless of age or graduation year. However, for High School players we use only grades 20-70 (grades 10-18 do not apply), while for Middle School players we use only grades 10-52 (grades 55-70 do not apply).

Grade Middle School (Ages 11-13) Description High School (Ages 14-18) Description 10 Yard Dash (seconds) 40 Yard Dash (seconds) 60 Yard Dash (seconds) Home-1B LHH (seconds) Home-1B RHH (seconds) 5-10-5Shuttle [LEFT] (seconds) 5-10-5Shuttle [RIGHT] (seconds) Broad Jump (inches) Grip Strength [LEFT] (psi) Grip Strength [RIGHT] (psi) FB & Raw Velocity (mph) Bat Exit Velocity (mph) Catcher Release (seconds)
10 Poor -----N/A----- 2.50+ 7.50+ 10.50+ 6.70+ 6.80+ 6.80+ 6.80+ 35- 30- 30- 40- 30- 3.70+
12 Well Below Avg -----N/A----- 2.40 7.40 10.00 6.40 6.50 6.60 6.60 40 35 35 42 35 3.50
15   -----N/A----- 2.35 7.30 9.75 6.10 6.20 6.40 6.40 45 40 40 45 38 3.25
18 Below Avg -----N/A----- 2.30 7.20 9.50 6.00 6.10 6.20 6.20 50 45 45 48 40 3.15
20   Poor 2.25 7.00 9.25 5.90 6.00 6.00 6.00 55 50 50 51 45 3.10
22 Near Avg   2.15 6.50 9.00 5.80 5.90 5.85 5.85 60 55 55 54 50 3.00
25   Well Below Avg 2.10 6.25 8.75 5.70 5.80 5.75 5.75 64 60 60 58 55 2.90
28 MS Average   2.05 6.15 8.50 5.45 5.55 5.50 5.50 68 65 65 62 60 2.80
30   Below Avg 2.00 5.95 8.25 5.40 5.50 5.25 5.25 74 70 70 63 62 2.70
32 Solid Avg   1.95 5.80 8.00 5.20 5.30 5.10 5.10 78 80 80 67 65 2.60
35   Near Avg 1.90 5.65 7.75 4.90 5.00 5.00 5.00 82 90 90 71 70 2.50
38 Above Avg   1.88 5.45 7.50 4.80 4.90 4.95 4.95 86 100 100 75 75 2.40
40   HS Average 1.85 5.25 7.40 4.70 4.80 4.90 4.90 93 110 112 79 80 2.25
42 Well Above Avg   1.82 5.20 7.30 4.60 4.70 4.80 4.80 98 115 115 81 82 2.15
45   Solid Avg 1.80 5.18 7.20 4.50 4.60 4.70 4.70 103 118 118 83 84 2.10
48 Excellent   1.78 5.16 7.10 4.45 4.55 4.60 4.60 108 120 120 85 86 2.05
50   Above Avg 1.76 5.14 7.05 4.40 4.50 4.50 4.50 113 125 125 86 88 2.00
52 Outstanding   1.74 5.12 7.00 4.35 4.45 4.40 4.40 118 128 128 87 90 1.98
55 -----N/A----- Well Above Avg 1.72 5.10 6.95 4.30 4.40 4.30 4.30 123 130 130 88 92 1.95
58 -----N/A-----   1.70 5.05 6.90 4.25 4.35 4.25 4.25 128 135 135 89 94 1.93
60 -----N/A----- Excellent 1.68 5.00 6.85 4.20 4.30 4.20 4.20 133 138 138 90 95 1.90
62 -----N/A-----   1.66 4.95 6.80 4.15 4.25 4.15 4.15 138 140 140 91 96 1.88
65 -----N/A----- Outstanding 1.64 4.90 6.70 4.10 4.20 4.10 4.10 143 145 145 93 97 1.85
68 -----N/A-----   1.62 4.85 6.60 4.05 4.15 4.05 4.05 148 150 150 94 98 1.82
70 -----N/A----- Superior 1.60- 4.80- 6.50- 4.00- 4.10- 4.00- 4.00- 150+ 155+ 155+ 95+ 99+ 1.80-
Please Note: We only use information gathered at Baseball Factory and Team One events and/or by Baseball Factory and Team One staff on our scouting reports. This allows us to maintain the integrity of our reports by publishing only what we see.

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