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Fernando Valentin

Fernando Valentin RHP/OF

  • Clovis, CA
  • Clovis High School
  • Travel Team: Fresno Athletics
  • Commitment: Dakota State University
  • Grad 2023
  • Ht 5'10''
  • Wt 170 lbs
  • Throws Right
  • Bats Right
  • Arm 83 mph
  • 60 YD 7.37 Sec
  • Class


  • 1.82 sec 10 Yds
  • 5.21 sec 40 Yds
  • 7.37 sec 60 Yds
  • 4.39 sec H > 1B (RHH)
  • 4.40 sec Shuttle (L)
  • 4.63 sec Shuttle (R)


  • 7'10'' Broad Jump
  • 6'11'' Lateral Jump (L)
  • 6'8'' Lateral Jump (R)
  • 111 psi Grip (L)
  • 111 psi Grip (R)


  • 83 mph mph Velocity
  • 48 Arm Grade

Position - OF

  • 50 Fielding Grade


  • 48 Hitting Grade (R)
  • 50 Power Grade (R)
  • 86 mph mph Exit Velocity


  • High 3/4 Arm Angle
  • 50 Arm Action Grade
  • 52 Control Grade
  • 52 Delivery Grade
  • 81 – 83 mph FASTBALL
  • 45 FB Grade
  • 70 – 72 mph CURVEBALL
  • 50 CB Grade
  • 69 – 74 mph CHANGEUP
  • 45 CH Grade
  • N/A mph SLIDER
  • N/A SL Grade

Official Scouting Report

  • Class Rating
  • RHP/OFPosition Projection

12/27/2022 - Baseball Factory Recruiting Classic Fernando is a RHP/OF in the 2023 class. On the mound, he has a great feel for pitching and solid poise. He battles on every pitch and is aggressive. He gets ahead in the count and can put hitters away. Showed well in 4 inns of work (5 hits, 2 Ks, 1BB) and controlled the strike zone. His FB touched 81 and had a consistent release point. It has tailing actions and he trusts his location. His CB sat 60-6 and showed 11-5 shape. Demonstrates a sharp break and can be thrown in any count. His CH sat 68 and has arm side run. He is very projectable on the mound. Unfortunately, he sustained a minor leg injury and was not able to perform at the plate and in the field. His previous tools coming in were solid with 83 arm velo and 86 exit velo. Scouts are eager to see him in action very soon.

01/07/2022 - 2022 Baseball Factory Pre-Season All-America Tournament (AZ) Fernando is a talented RHP/OF in the 2023 class that continues to elevate his game. Recently at the AZ Preseason event, his talents were on display. On the mound, he demonstrated a good feel for pitching. His FB topped at 80 mph with movement. His CB sat 67 with medium break and his CH cuts well at 74. Displays the toughness to pitch in frequently and get soft contact. In the OF, he takes proper angles and works through the baseball with fluid actions. He stays in his strong lower half to produce arm strength and carry on his throws. At the plate, he has fast hands (86 exit velo) allow for solid contact to the pull side. Produced several quality in game at-bats with his advanced pitch recognition and ability to track the baseball. Overall, Fernando, is a solid two-way prospect in the 2023 class.

09/22/2021 - Arizona Junior Fall Classic Fernando continues to showcase his baseball tools at the Arizona Junior Fall Classic. In the OF, he takes proper routes / angles in tracking down balls. He works to get behind and plays through, creating momentum to his target. At the plate, he shows a squared setup. He stands in with a solid/strong base and has fluid rhythm to load. Barrel delivery is short/quick with aggression as he connects with power driving to all parts of the field. On the mound, he shows a controlled, repeatable delivery allowing his quick arm action to work well to the plate. Arm strength has improved as he threw his top velocity to date at 80 mph. Fastball showed a range of 74-80 mph. Breaking ball displays 10/4 shape with gradual break. He maintains arm speed on his changeup with slight sink. Stock on the mound will continue to rise as he builds more arm strength through a long toss program. Mental makeup is a plus as he has a positive attitude, works hard, and is very coachable.

09/05/2021 - Official College Recruiting Membership - Fresno, CA Fernando is an OF/RHP prospect who will graduate in 2023. Medium frame athletic build, with strong lower half, and strength present and plenty of room to add. In the OF, active footwork allows him to move well to the ball with good first steps. Ability to work behind/through ball, with 1 hand high catch, and has a good crow hop on his throws into infield. Fields from an square fielding position, with a clean gather off left foot, and he fields the ball out front. Throws from a 3/4 arm slot, with on-line throws, and an arm velocity up to 78mph. On the mound, this right-handed pitcher gets a good pivot off his rear hip and gets a his glove tucked. He picks up target early and keeps eyes on mitt throughout delivery. Separates his hands on time and releases from a 3/4 arm slot. A 3 pitch pitcher who challenges hitters with his FB that was up to 78mph, a CB with 11/5 shape with good command, and a changeup he throws with FB arm speed and some movement in the strike zone. At the plate, he starts with a crouched and square stance. Has a small hand load, with ability to keep hands inside, and showed a fast bat through the hitting zone. Gets on-plane early with extension out front as he made square contact to all fields with a bat exit velocity up to 80mph. With another 2 years of growth and development, we see this 2-way prospect having opportunities to play at the next level.

03/14/2021 - Official College Recruiting Membership - Fresno, CA Fernando continues to show as a prospect on the diamond. Behind the dish, he presents a soft/sure mitt showing great pocket awareness sticking pitches. He uses his body through the blocking process, centering balls out front. Pop times showed in 2.24 range with accuracy / carry (81 mph velocity) on his throws. Times will continue to drop as he builds more arm strength through a long toss and works to get rid of the baseball quicker. In the OF, he displays smooth / fluid actions. He takes proper routes / angles in tracking down balls. Feet are active as he works to get behind balls but needs to play through with momentum to his target. Glove action is clean and present well out front. He moves well laterally with range improving as he increases foot quickness. At the plate, he continues to shine through a tall setup. Hands are quick and work through an aggressive swing path. He stays inside the ball, utilizing all fields with gap to gap pop.

02/12/2021 - Baseball Factory Opening Day Classic (HS - West) Fernando is a 2023 C/RHP. Medium frame with athletic build with room to continue to fill out. Primary C who presents low target and a soft glove. Clean transfers and throws from a 3/4 arm slot. Tries to create good blocking angles. Right-handed P, throws from stretch exclusively, who commands 2 pitches. Simple and repeatable delivery who attacks hitters with FB and CB. Works FB down in zone and induces soft contact. CB has 11/5 shape with good depth. Had 3 Ks in 3 innings of live game action. Right-handed hitter with upright and open stance. Short and simple stride with high hand set. Gets lower half through with a gap to gap approach. Tough out who competes at the plate. Reached base 4 times in live game action. With 3 more years to develop, we foresee this 2 way player making big strides and having opportunity to play at the next level.

01/03/2021 - Official College Recruiting Membership - Fresno, CA Fernando continues to shine and progress nicely on the diamond. Offensively, he starts in a square setup while utilizing an active load. Smooth rhythm with centered balance allows him to incorporate his lower half well into his swing. He squares the ball up hitting it where it's pitched and driving it to all parts of the field. Behind the plate, he is quick and agile in his blocking technique. He centers his body to the ball while keeping his glove in the dirt, allowing him to deaden the ball in front. He has a quick exchange and short arm action to record a solid pop time (best is 2.20). Throws are accurate and online to the bag. He also performed well in the outfield. He takes a quick first step with aggressive routes allowing him to work behind the ball. Fernando has a clean exchange creating momentum into his throws which are on-line. This talented 2-way prospect will make an impact on the diamond in a variety of ways.

12/19/2020 - Winter Pro Training Experience - Nor Cal (HS - Dec) Fernando is a stocky/projectable OF/RHP in the 2023 class. In the OF, he creates + angles to the ball with good direction. He has a clean transfer with accuracy on his throws. At the plate, he starts in an open stance with a square stride. His lower half stays centered where he is able to stay inside the ball to produce consistent contact and spray the ball to all parts of the field. From the mound, his FB ranged 74-76, SL had 11-5 shape, and he threw a knuckleball with sinking action. He keeps his eyes level as he works with a clean arm action. He has the ability to put hitters away and command the zone. Fernando is coachable, has a great attitude and should find success in this his sophomore year.

12/27/2019 - Under Armour Baseball Factory Recruiting Classic (Ages 14-18) Fernando continues to shine on the diamond. Behind the plate, feet are active as he works in line through a clean transfer / exchange. Pop times showed in the 2.40 range with accuracy on his throws. Hands are soft / sure and he sticks balls in the zone. He utilizes his body well through the blocking process but needs to work to get body down sooner. At the plate, he shows a squared setup. Hands are quick and work to and through a level swing path. He works to stay inside the ball, utilizing all fields through a line drive approach. On the mound, fastball showed a range of 68-73 mph. Stock on the mound will continue to rise as he builds more arm strength through a long toss program. Mental makeup is a plus as he is very coachable and works hard to be the best player he can be.

09/08/2019 - National Tryout Plus - Fresno, CA Fernando is an athletic C/RHP prospect who continues to showcase his skills on the field. Behind the plate, Fernando shows active footwork and is agile moving to block. He sits in an athletic stance and receives well. He makes a clean exchange and gets rid of the ball quickly, keeping his throws accurate and on-line to the 2B bag. Receiving the ball out in front of his body can help Fernando improve defensively. At the plate, this RHH sets up in a tall stance and takes a square stride. He is smooth getting into his load and leads well with his lower half. He takes a level swing with fast bat speed, leading to consistent line drives. Fernando can improve as a hitter by maintaining his stride balance. On the mound, Fernando keeps his eyes on target and separates his hands on time. He works with a clean arm and extends through his release, finishing square to the plate. Fernando shows a three pitch mix with his fastball topping out at 73mph with tailing action. Breaking ball sits from 56-62mph with 11-5 break. Changeup sits from 56-61mph with arm side run as he throws with deceptive arm speed. Striding square towards the plate can help Fernando improve as a pitcher. With four more years to develop, Fernando has the time and potential to further progress his skills on the field.

03/03/2019 - National Tryout Plus - Newbury Park, CA Fernando showed nice improvements and overall skills during his last workout with The Factory. At 3B, Fernando has good athleticism, efficient footwork, and he covers ground well. He keeps the ball in front of his body, his exchange is clean, and he throws with good direction from a long arm action to his target. On the mound, Fernando has good balance, on time separation, and he lands with good direction toward home plate. His FB touched 69 MPH and he is around the zone with his pitches. At the plate, Fernando has a square set-up, good balance, and he makes consistent contact. He tracks well, swings on plane, and he uses his lower body.

08/09/2018 - Babe Ruth National All Star Classic Fernando is a 3B/RHP prospect who will graduate in 2023. In the field, Fernando centers the ball in the middle of his body and makes the routine plays. He throws from a 3/4 angle and keeps his throws accurate to his target. Fernando can improve defensively by getting into a more athletic fielding position. At the plate, this RHH sets up in a square stance and takes a square stride. He is smooth getting back into his load and maintains center balance. He takes a direct swing with fast bat speed which leads to hard contact to his pull side. On the mound, Fernando gathers over the rubber and separates his hands on time. He shows a three pitch mix with his fastball topping out at 65mph with sinking action. Breaking ball sits from 55-58mph with 10-4 break. Changeup ranges from 58-63mph as he throws with fastball arm speed. Fernando can improve as a pitcher by striding directly towards the plate. With five more years to develop, Fernando has the time and potential to further progress his skills on the field.


Fernando Valentin Clovis, CA 800-641-4487 @baseballfactory
Primary Position RHP
Grad Year 2023 Secondary Position OF
High School Clovis High School Bats Right
Height 5'10'' Throws Right
Weight 170 LBS Arm 83 mph
60 YD 7.37

The chart below shows the levels of college baseball, along with the range of players with potential to be recruited at that level.

Division I Class 1 – 4
Division II Class 1 – 5
Division III Class 1 – 8
NAIA Class 1 – 6
JUCO Class 1 – 8

Tool Grade Scale

Our main goals with the BF "10-70" Scouting Scale are to provide the player with a realistic evaluation of his "PRESENT" abilities (what he can do today), and to provide college coaches with information they can use to identify and/or compare potential recruits.

Tools are graded for all players and pitchers, regardless of age or graduation year. However, for High School players we use only grades 20-70 (grades 10-18 do not apply), while for Middle School players we use only grades 10-52 (grades 55-70 do not apply).

Grade Middle School (Ages 11-13) Description High School (Ages 14-18) Description 10 Yard Dash (seconds) 40 Yard Dash (seconds) 60 Yard Dash (seconds) Home-1B LHH (seconds) Home-1B RHH (seconds) 5-10-5Shuttle [LEFT] (seconds) 5-10-5Shuttle [RIGHT] (seconds) Broad Jump (inches) Lateral Broad [LEFT] (inches) Lateral Broad [RIGHT] (inches) Grip Strength [LEFT] (psi) Grip Strength [RIGHT] (psi) FB & Raw Velocity (mph) Bat Exit Velocity (mph) Catcher Release (seconds)
10 Poor -----N/A----- 2.50+ 7.50+ 10.50+ 6.70+ 6.80+ 6.80+ 6.80+ 35- 35- 35- 30- 30- 40- 30- 3.70+
12 Well Below Avg -----N/A----- 2.40 7.40 10.00 6.40 6.50 6.60 6.60 40 38 38 35 35 42 35 3.50
15   -----N/A----- 2.35 7.30 9.75 6.10 6.20 6.40 6.40 45 42 42 40 40 45 38 3.25
18 Below Avg -----N/A----- 2.30 7.20 9.50 6.00 6.10 6.20 6.20 50 46 46 45 45 48 40 3.15
20   Poor 2.25 7.00 9.25 5.90 6.00 6.00 6.00 55 50 50 50 50 51 45 3.10
22 Near Avg   2.15 6.50 9.00 5.80 5.90 5.85 5.85 60 54 54 55 55 54 50 3.00
25   Well Below Avg 2.10 6.25 8.75 5.70 5.80 5.75 5.75 64 58 58 60 60 58 55 2.90
28 MS Average   2.05 6.15 8.50 5.45 5.55 5.50 5.50 68 62 62 65 65 62 60 2.80
30   Below Avg 2.00 5.95 8.25 5.40 5.50 5.25 5.25 74 64 64 70 70 63 62 2.70
32 Solid Avg   1.95 5.80 8.00 5.20 5.30 5.10 5.10 78 68 68 80 80 67 65 2.60
35   Near Avg 1.90 5.65 7.75 4.90 5.00 5.00 5.00 82 72 72 90 90 71 70 2.50
38 Above Avg   1.88 5.45 7.50 4.80 4.90 4.95 4.95 86 74 74 100 100 75 75 2.40
40   HS Average 1.85 5.25 7.40 4.70 4.80 4.90 4.90 93 76 76 110 112 79 80 2.25
42 Well Above Avg   1.82 5.20 7.30 4.60 4.70 4.80 4.80 98 80 80 115 115 81 82 2.15
45   Solid Avg 1.80 5.18 7.20 4.50 4.60 4.70 4.70 103 84 84 118 118 83 84 2.10
48 Excellent   1.78 5.16 7.10 4.45 4.55 4.60 4.60 108 88 88 120 120 85 86 2.05
50   Above Avg 1.76 5.14 7.05 4.40 4.50 4.50 4.50 113 92 92 125 125 86 88 2.00
52 Outstanding   1.74 5.12 7.00 4.35 4.45 4.40 4.40 118 96 96 128 128 87 90 1.98
55 -----N/A----- Well Above Avg 1.72 5.10 6.95 4.30 4.40 4.30 4.30 123 100 100 130 130 88 92 1.95
58 -----N/A-----   1.70 5.05 6.90 4.25 4.35 4.25 4.25 128 104 104 135 135 89 94 1.93
60 -----N/A----- Excellent 1.68 5.00 6.85 4.20 4.30 4.20 4.20 133 106 106 138 138 90 95 1.90
62 -----N/A-----   1.66 4.95 6.80 4.15 4.25 4.15 4.15 138 108 108 140 140 91 96 1.88
65 -----N/A----- Outstanding 1.64 4.90 6.70 4.10 4.20 4.10 4.10 143 110 110 145 145 93 97 1.85
68 -----N/A-----   1.62 4.85 6.60 4.05 4.15 4.05 4.05 148 112 112 150 150 94 98 1.82
70 -----N/A----- Superior 1.60- 4.80- 6.50- 4.00- 4.10- 4.00- 4.00- 150+ 115+ 115+ 155+ 155+ 95+ 99+ 1.80-
Please Note: We only use information gathered at Baseball Factory and Team One events and/or by Baseball Factory and Team One staff on our scouting reports. This allows us to maintain the integrity of our reports by publishing only what we see.

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